Lynn Strongin


a milk-white village
in a transparent snowball       some transport, a blown-ash evening:

half gryphon    half girl

I went inside to pack flatcakes          for a long journey
wind bent beside thatched roofs, the Yare River
I was a medieval copyboy:
        Twice-nerved the second time
        I wished I was mute as the swan.

An American poet living in Canada, Lynn Strongin has published work in over thirty anthologies, fifty-five journals both in print and on-line, and will have nine books published by the middle of this year. Some of the journals in which poetry appears are Poetry, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Southern Humanities Review, The American Voice, New Works Review (featured poet) Argotist Review (U.K.) Snow Monkey upcoming as featured poet, Artistry in Life upcoming featured poet. Work of hers was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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