Lindsay Walker


She bales her heat-
colored hair in
a messy bun
nest on her heart
shaped head disrobes
next to the night
stand unclips her
earrings clinks them
in the empty
coffee mug her
tips hook an edge
of the cover-
let billow back
top-sheet blankets
she flakes the bangs
off her face and
collapses with
all the flourish
of a Chinese
fan onto the
open-face mattress 

strips, lies
next to her, is
all vowel sounds
and slow

Lindsay Walker is a graduate student in poetry at the Center for Writers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Her work has recently been published or is forthcoming from The Bare Root Review, Voix du Vieux, and The Jabberwock Review. Currently, she serves as poetry editor for the literary magazine, Juked.

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