Sally Molini


Nice to be on our second story
vacation where birds on power lines
sit plumb and still like clothespins.
The eaves of houses feel close enough
to walk, a pier of rooftops after rain,
redwood shakes and graveled flats,
isolated pools shining like hand mirrors.
We bump heads over a black hibachi
and kabobs, two condo Houdinis
with no means of escape.
Just Cuba Libres and a tiny barbecue --
each day's hot bits, memory's scoria,
whether here or in some far-off place,
never really burning away.

Sally Molini's work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Mad Hatters' Review, Eclectica, Boxcar Poetry Review, Tattoo Highway, DMQ Review, and flashquake, among others. Print journals include 32 Poems, Salt Hill, LIT, Best New Poets, Southern Poetry Review, Calyx, and elsewhere. She is a graduate of Warren Wilson College's MFA Program and lives in Nebraska.

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