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T.A. Noonan
ISBN: 978-0-9723224-6-1
Sundress Publications, 2011
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T.A. Noonan's second collection, The Bone Folders, follows a coven of Louisiana witches through the death of their high priestess and the turmoil in the regime change that follows. Not to be confused with the supernatural tales of Anne Rice or Charlaine Harris, these beautiful, experimental poems examine this very real world through the lenses of math, food, grammar, mythology, sexuality, and the banal of the day-to-day. Drawing upon interviews and experiences with modern practitioners of witchcraft, the poems combine innovative language with an overarching narrative that explores the complexities of love, history, spirituality, human loss, and personal sacrifice.

"This is incantation. Noonan speaks; spells and forms and formulae leap into being. Very new, very, very old: poetry begins with naming, then metamorphosis. Dickinson's Letters to the World conjoins the 'hello world' introduction to Java and coffee ground soothsaying. 'O' the days begin, and they end with a loop, 'until what it touches / / : becomes what is touched.'"
      — Catherine Daly

"Here, in The Bone Folders, the poem is an entity that springs from a love of language, algebra, and the landscape of the page. T.A. Noonan's tools are varied and sharp. She has a sculptor's eye for detail and an uncanny instinct for mining from the stone what the stone wants to be. With all her extravagances, spatial and intellectual, her eccentricities of grammar and syntax, her free form and reverent villanelles, she is the maker of language's shape, a craftsperson that knows that the center of an artist's commitment is to serve the work in progress. In all her abstract permutations is a focus on the truth. She is poetry's Henry Moore, giving shape to things and characters, particular and internal, to which, at the end of our reading we can only reply, YES."
      — Michael Madonick

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