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T.A. Noonan
ISBN: 978-0-9826309-4-5
Gold Wake Press, 2011
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This hybrid poetry/nonfiction collection draws upon the varied lexicons of science, mythology, sports, literature, travel, art, fashion, and popular culture. T.A. Noonan wonders "who else can I become" as she assumes the voices of real and imagined women, including herself, in an attempt to understand what deliminates womanhood. Employing a mix of traditional and contemporary forms—from essay to interview, visual to Oulipean, pantoum to prose—these texts seek to complicate the myriad, conflicting models of femaleness and the female body laid "piecemeal / to bearbare."

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"The Trouble with Correspondence" was named a Notable Essay in the 2011 edition of Best American Essays For more on the essay, view Christiana Chae's overview of its production and layout for Ninth Letter, or read Brian Kornell's interview with me on the Ninth Letter blog.