Your Chances**

Nearly 50% of all divorced Americans
personally know someone who is going to Hell.

None of this is, nor should it be construed as,
science, but a random sampling of one

reveals that you are, after all, capable of doing
the worst thing that has been done to you.

You are capable of doing it to someone
you do not want to hurt.

When you look across a stirring straw into
a personality that somehow resembles

a love you gave up reluctantly,
chances of sexing a married person

increase by as much as 75%
if you are a person who prays without hope,

only 40% if you pray with confidence.
When alcohol is introduced, women

are 60% more likely to speak the truth
to a stranger. Only 35% more inclined

to gently, before going too far,
let down the one they know well.

Your likelihood of lusting your love
is 25-50% less than loving your lust.

You are 95% predisposed to believing
this is unavoidably and at once both

the right and wrong way to live.
You have less than a 1% chance

of escaping your own guilt.
But recent studies reveal you will

conduct further research during which
friends will 85% of the time offer

hypotheses that will make you appear
to be normal, not much different from them.

Though this is not, nor should it be mistaken
for statistically proven, nearly 100%

of divorced Americans know more than one
person going through Heaven and Hell.

** In response to a caption seen in the New York Times.

  -Sharon Gerald