Trailer Park Quarterly V3

Reasons why California M.D.s have granted medical marijuana license

Corns, crabs, a bad back,
warts of all kinds, tendinitis of the knee, tennis elbow,
psoriasis sissy syndrome and sister love,
a bad case of existential angst,
a bad case of atheism, a bad case of jesuslove,
unexplained collect calls from the dearly departed,
undead dreadlocks, doily swirly,
mania, lack of mania, obsessive desire
for a manic state, states rights, sillynose,
acne, herpes, newsie-groupies,
unanticipated erections or the lack thereof,
off her game, too much in the zone,
no sanctuary, no faith, no soul,
nasal drip, droopy eyelids,
douchebaggery of all varieties,
unemployed, embarrassingly endowed,
misunderstood, overqualified,
uninitiated, and in-the-know.

Steve Henn's second book And God Said: Let There Be Evolution! was recently published by New York Quarterly Books.