Trailer Park Quarterly V3

Want to submit to TPQ? Cool, feel free. That said, TPQ envisions itself as a place for real writing, something that an actual human being might want to read. Which isnít to say make it mainstream; shoot for the big, weird world, but remember that clever isnít always a compliment and quirk doesnít quite fill the glass. Basically, we want stories about knives in the heart, not crumbs in the butter. Write something that matters in a non-emo way and send it to us. We want to marvel at your talent, we want to love you. Thereís a lot around here with your name on it, and when you move in, weíll show up with Tuna Noodle Casserole and a case of Pabst. Promise.

Send all submissions to I don't care if it's been published before or whatever. I just care if it's good. Just keep in mind that by quarterly, we mean whenever we get around to it. Also, do not send work if you are a hipster. All work by hipsters will be returned unread. Grow a pair, work as a dishwasher for a bit, or in a factory or something, then send me some work. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hot chicks, recipes and reviews.