<i><b>Wicked Alice Poetry Journal
wicked alice| winter 2009

Brooklyn Copeland

To a Barn Owl

Mouthless alba-blond. Eyes philosophizing, placid

until. Unruffled blossom-body of a new

feather duster, or a puppet sewn into a lantern-lit

tableau. Freckle breasted. Toasted marshmallow

tattooed. Peerless rafter bastard, unblinking,

removed. Devil-lent totem topper, too wise

to swoop upon Michael's bit-trap

of tail-string. Let's owe each other nothing

if tonight he chokes on France.

Brooklyn Copeland was born in Indianapolis in 1984. She has since
lived in Florida and throughout Northern Europe. Her poems have
recently appeared, or will appear, in Burnside Review, blossombones
and Warbler, among others. Her e-chapbook, The Milk for Free, is
available from Scantily Clad Press. She co-edits Taiga, a new journal
of poetry and translation.