wicked alice| fall 2009

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Kerri Ni Dochartaigh


an experiment in ornithology; the early stages

when confronted with a box that holds only a pair of scissors (of a cross-bladed nature; Roman in origin) what she seems to do is becoming ever more puzzling.
she is, of course, being watched at all times during the experiment.
But we can fathom neither what she is doing, nor why.
she starts off by reciting the alphabet backwards.
next she moves around the top of the box. side to side as if training as the understudy to some crab; disjointed and out of rhythm.
the stage that follows this is the one that puzzles us the most. she falls under the age old spell of slumber, right there atop the box; before our very eyes.

in her sleep she first tries to fight the dreams that filter through the gaps (fear not; we have been prepared for this point of the narrative from day dot.)
and then it happens, time and time again. the girl begins to talk of the albatross. over and over she tells us that she is delivering this message from the inside of a head.
From inside of the head of the albatross.









Kerri Dochartaigh writes stories and poems.

She lives in Edinburgh, cycles a pink bicycle and has a website.