<i><b>Wicked Alice Poetry Journal
wicked alice| winter 2009

Trisia Eddy


8.  something brought in from elsewhere
or created
9.  the insertion of something
--Encarta World English Dictionary

genes say, redefine perception. 
meaning, in everyday terms. 

embodied existence.
managing the self.

veins, compression

b / cause
legs bear immense weight.

duality of night, day
becomes out & in

down & up.

distortion, turns on itself.




2.  to cause somebody to go without
something that has become a habit or
that is much liked
--Encarta World English Dictionary

still, a well
a bloated ocean

bouyed in black breast
casing, underwire,


still, thoughts of
seeking require will

leave stains.




3.  a course of action or the beginning
of one
--Encarta World English Dictionary

beginning often leaves
    (leaves imperfections

eating becomes complex
a whole composed of various
interrelated parts

esophagus blocked by holes

warbling understood
in dew, shadowed un
der you, standing

pressed, confessions
reveal stretch marks
unremarked possessions

tidy piles of life
left behind
        a messy heap



8 exercises on a spoon


one cousin used a spoon
to scoop eyes out of minnows

caught in a large rubber dinghy
kept for skimming the surface
of the lake, blue-green now
with algae: 

neighbors say motorboats
are the problem

(2) & (3)

fallen, especially on the floor, one
spoon becomes ostracized

another becomes a stranded utensil
entombed at the playground
, beneath the sand 


smooth curve of a spoon holds
the ball of your thumb sweetly,
tender nestling succumbing

see how this reflection
distorts everything--

noses bigger, eyes of pins,
who can trust it?


imagined, bending

an invisible eye


fed one day:  an elder
with strawberry ripple

her favourite from when
she was nine


divided, a flock of bohemian
waxwings struck the window

such force, the whole
house was awoken-- 

three lay twitching, one still: 
dying separately    
grave dug with a spoon, birds
swept within the hollowed

death the smell of
surfaces, memorized

Trisia Eddy is a writer and editor living in Edmonton, Alberta.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in various online and print journals, including above/ground press' Peter F. Yacht Club, Misunderstandings Magazine, Leaf Press, Existere, and ditchpoetry.com.  She is founding editor with red nettle press, a small chapbook press dedicated to emerging and innovative local writers.