wicked alice| fall 2009

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Jen March



learning the new taxonomy


start with the small bird

sparrow: call it mountain

small mouse: call it sun

give each blade of grass a unique name:

housefly horseshoe duckling hen

choose only one thing

whose name will remain

i choose blue whale:

giant breathing bus of the sea

your mother's name will change

unless she is your choice

your lover: apricot tree

apricot tree: rising tide

rising tide: mosquito

all the acts of man and god: 

call them sparrows

watch their wings 

move immeasurable air




Jen March received her MFA in Writing from Hamline University. She was the recipient of a 2006 Latitudes Grant from Mizna: A Forum for Arab American Art, and she has performed her poetry as part of Talking Image Connection (TIC) and Riot Act Reading Series. Her work has most recently appeared in Midway Journal,  FlurryMizna, and What Light: An Anthology frommnartists.orgShe currently teaches English at Minneapolis Community & Technical College.