<i><b>Wicked Alice Poetry Journal
wicked alice| spring 2008

Kelli Rush


An Oprah Trilogy



I. Oprah Apostolic


They come to us,

she says,

we make them new,

we give them bobs,

we give them boobs,

we give them zebra,


pink chinchilla


some cry,


and Oprah wraps them in her arms,

then they return to Aqua Net
and bobby pins

and chicken farms,

and they are mommies,

all are lovely

in the eyes of Oprah




who art:

embossed, brocaded, stuff, zipped,

snipped, flipped, poofed, wisped

and permanently waved.

Let us pray.


II. Marvelous Bug



and silver-sheened,

a whirl on wing

and wound she is


she is spangle,

an enameled,

polished, popey pod,

a prattlement of proxy God,

a shiny bob

to place in palm,

to watch her lift a wing

and rise

and curve

into the twitter of

the flitter of

the ya ti ya

ti da




 III. For Nasal Congestion


Take one Oprah.

Fumy lozenge

clear my nostril.




Kelli Rush is an editor at Hemispheres magazine in Greensboro, N.C., and her work has appeared in the Hawaii Review.