<i><b>Wicked Alice Poetry Journal
wicked alice| summer 2007

Sarah Sloat
Ever since the stars swarmed into my hands
I understand the best places
            to plunge for rubies.
From the cellar window, the smell of laundry
            lifts like a billow of ibis,
In Tobago, I’m trawling for the bad guys,
            their underwater whiskers, their one-way eyes.
Toggling atop the waterline, the sun
is a redhead, resurfacing
            just for an instant.


the girls have grown so much
the ceiling shatters
kitchen chairs collapse
but a quart of milk stays simple
it will do for brewing
custard in the sweet hereafter
recital of steps so few
even a daughter might muster
a cloudburst of milk
mudslide of sugar
egg albumen expanding
like a most virginal flower
stovetop - slopshrine
nothing special about
stewing, ruminating
over smoke in the kitchen
why? because
the mind simmers
like melancholy it boils over
and what else can you do
up to the elbows in flour



Sarah J. Sloat grew up in New Jersey, and after university lived in China, Kansas and Italy. For the last 15 years, she’s lived in Germany, where she works for a news agency. Sarah’s poetry has appeared in Wicked Alice, Rhino and Juked, among other publications. Her favorite poets include Pier Giorgio di Cicco and Vasko Popa.