<i><b>Wicked Alice Poetry Journal
wicked alice| summer 2007

Edward Smallfield and Miriam Pirone

Under the bed:
the gender of the spirit
hairy hands                   hands without hair
if the ____ is covered
            a drop of  
           on the blanket       
                       as synonym
                  above her the dead
                      begin again
              with many questions
              somebody she knows
                    a grandfather
                        in overalls
                no a business suit
                      a necktie
                   the color of
               her hair grows after
                       her nails
uninvited to breakfast
fried eggs in a dream
 and the dish ran away:
                   fork and
                     knife and
               her body slides
             South on the plate
                   & West
          somebody has cooked her
                   too much
                  or too little
                sickle moon
                  edge of 
After the suppression of the language
                                                certain parts of speech have disappeared:
                                                     the spires                                         miele
                                                     the lunar                                          midollo
                                                                        a diagonal
                                                            toward or away from
            the sea                                                                                                 
the statue of
                        balconies have melted            rosewater:
                                                            rain fell on her collar
                                                            the trains run all night                                        
                                                  waiting for you a street corner a cab
                                                                                                            a girl
                                                                                                         in her hair
                                                                        in his white
                                                                                        a surgeon
                                    underneath the city                                veins in his right arm
                                       another city                                       
                                                                              iron or bread
                                                                        broken eggs
                                                            blocks of language jammed sideways                  

Edward Smallfield's poems have appeared in alice blue, Bird Dog, dusie, Five Fingers Review, 26, and a number of other venues.  He's also the author of two poetry collections, The Pleasures of C and One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (a collaboration with Doug MacPherson).
Miriam Pirone is the poetry editor of Big Ugly Review and her worked has appeared in alice blue.

Their collaborative chapbook, locate, is forthcoming from dancing girl press in 2008.