<i><b>Wicked Alice Poetry Journal
wicked alice| winter 2008

Adam Strauss
from Feminism






I’m a man holding a dandelion—trying to reason

Beyond female/male. 


What your average family in Mali does on Sunday: do you believe

This an interruption or inclusion?


Am I correct thinking I’m human in Sanskrit?

We is most when mixed company.


In Colorado.  In Mexico.

In Mexico eating Mole Colorado. 






It won’t just go one way
Nor be one thing.

Mrs. Porter might
Be here in the spring.

So much depends on
A wheelbarrow:






In                        the windy                     light motes make

Dust             mixes with               water wipes


The air clean.   The road’s

A mess we barely


Pass by on:

Cheerfully low-down—


Looking                 at clouds rush-off

Revealing a             rainbow.




There is always something
“To say” to nobody:

Clouds cover:
Jade waves

A dolphin rides
With my brother.



Please help me                   to                                      make sense


Or when is                                  sensual


A thesis versus screwing up?


Birds on poplar boughs cheer me.                              The sky endears me


To blue along with oceans and a period of Picasso; in a different period he


Drew less and less of a bull                                        until there’s no doubt.


Grit from gentrification dusts wing-feathers.


Because                          desire’s                     like that                       there


There’s a big fight in                             the interstice.


                              I need the “untranslatable

Ice to watch”:

                                             Is gap


Primarily                 problematic                     distance or                     space


To see through to?  I’m fond of Ferdinand the bull—frown at the king


Watching cruelty in rings—fingering his wife’s bands—full of hope


For a new world.







Poems From Feminism appear in la fovea, ZONE, and are forthcoming in Wildlife.  Favorite poets include Gwendolyn Brooks, Melvin Tolson, Susan Howe and Marianne Moore; my Gods are Emily Dickinson and George Herbert