Best of the Net 2012  



Melih Cevdet Anday's "Voice" translated by Sidney Wade & Efe Murad from Guernica Magazine
Elizabeth Ashe's "On the Crow Reservation" from Flycatcher: A Journal of Native Imagination
Stephanie Cawley's "The Scientist and the Monster" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Eduardo C. Corral's "To Tim Dlungos (Cento)" from Lambda Literary Review
David J. Daniels' "To an Old Queen Getting Dressed" from Waccamaw
Mary Beth Ferda's "Dinah at Watch" from Blue Mesa Review Online
Jessica Fjeld's "We make a family" from Sixth Finch
Matt Hart's "Mammon" from Sixth Finch
John Harvey's "The Usual Décor" from Ghost Ocean
Chloe Honum's "Crossing the Three-Rope Bridge" from Memorious
Matthew Kilbane's "Beer Garden Rag" from Juked
Gerry LaFemina's "Bright Windows" from
Rob MacDonald's "Anthem" from inter|rupture
Amit Majmudar's "His Love of Semicolons" from Umbrella
Hannah Oberman-Breindel's "Reasons We Should Keep Burning" from Boxcar Poetry Review
Katharine Rauk's "Casida of the Weeping" from Pebble Lake Review
Kaethe Schwehn's "No Light. Tiny Warmth." from Transom
Alan Shapiro's "Homeric Turns" from At Length
Ocean Vuong's "In Defense of Dancing" from Guernica Magazine
Marcus Wicker's "The Light" from Vinyl Poetry
Wendy Xu's "You Are Not Who They Wanted You To Be" from InDigest