Best of the Net 2013  


Ciaran Berry's "Spooky Action at a Distance" from Tongue: A Journal of Writing & Art
Ash Bowen's "Letter from a Mistress" from Pebble Lake Review
Traci Brimhall's "How the Serpent King's Daughter Received Her Wings" from Mary: A Journal of New Writing
Dan Chelotti's "The Job Market" from iO: A Journal of New American Poetry
Lisa Fay Coutley's "Careo" from Ninth Letter
Barbara Daniels's "Sugaring" from The Cortland Review
Joanne Diaz's "Little Terror" from Memorious
Janelle DolRayne's "Writing Home from Thick Shadows" from apt
Claudia Emerson's "The Ocularist" from Blackbird
Brent Goodman's "Missile Test" from Eleven Eleven
Noah Eli Gordon's "What Do I Know" from Interrupture
Megan Grumbling's "Vapors" from The Baltimore Review
Christopher Howell's "The Life Boat Dream" from Cascadia Review
Luisa A. Igloria's "The Loss and Recovery of Wings" from ARDOR
Chris Joyner's "Why She Wrestles" from Penduline Press
Rob Kenagy's "It's Hard for Me to Think of my Heart as Anything" from Vinyl Poetry
Michael Marberry's "Junk" from Guernica Magazine
Shane McCrae's "Heads" from Petri Press
Matthew Olzmann's "'Nothing Gets Through to You, Jackass'" from B O D Y
Rae Paris's "The Forgetting Tree" from Guernica Magazine