Best of the Net 2014  


James Flaherty's "The Thing" from Quarterly West

People always want to capitalize on the Thing. The women know this is a kinship they and the Thing share. They are exploited. They are cornered and alienated by the fanged and opportunistic and resourceful powers that be.
Sarah Gerkensmeyer's "Ramona" from American Short Fiction
I felt the urge to exaggerate things when I was around Ramona. I found myself making up little lies. I was the only person in the entire world who knew about her heart thing. I felt like I owed her something.
Megan Giddings' "The Brothers WHAM!" from The Masters Review
It’s easy to assume that when people hear George Michael sing and sigh, “that’s a voice that can raise the dead,” they’re just complimenting him. It’s not a compliment. It’s true.
Caitlin McGuire's "The Radium Girl's Undark" from Ninth Letter
In the factories we left behind, the radium girls mixed salt and spit and glue, shaped the tips of camel hair brushes between their lips to paint the twelve numbers undark.
Charles McLeod's "The Salvaged" from Blue Mesa Review
Did the light’s leaving somehow increase one’s awareness of situation, of the self and its place in the world?
Wyl Villacres' "Junk Mail and Hospital Bills" from Wyvern Lit
“They caught it early,” he said. “I’ve got good insurance. This is a party to tell leukemia that it can go fuck itself.”