Best of the Net 2019  

Girl 1994: Gawd

I watch the flood splash & truck
by my first-floor window

before I see Gawd strut by
with Her iron & forty ounce.

A wave of bodies—glittering onyx—catch air
dip & weave past the sill like a river of flies

that splinters suddenly at the sight of Her.
A legion of blxck ants tripping down the street

screaming RUN
as Gawd pulls a hammer—

whips spiders all through my kitchen.
Blxck hoodies scatter down the street

as Gawd saunters by
in slapping-pink slippers & creamy silk boxers—

unhinges. Reminds them
who they fucking with. Gawd heard Samson

got his dick wet—ships blxck hail
into my living room. Gawd says she's gotta

knock that shit out—hawks a bullet
into my bathroom. Gawd—I think—

Samson better get his ass out there. Gawd about to break Her neck
on me, looking for a little Gawddamn justice.

- Faylita Hicks (from Cincinnati Review)