Best of the Net 2019  


Jessica Abughattas's "Strip" from Waxwing

Alfredo Aguilar's "My Father Has Me Hold a Hen" from Redivider

Gabrielle Bates's "From In the Circus" from The Southeast Review

Molly McCully Brown and Susannah Nevison's "Post-Op Letter in the Field Between Us" from The Missouri Review

K Ming Chang's "Letter to My Grandmother in Tsingtao" from The Adroit Journal

K Ming Chang's "Lone wolf narrative" from wildness

Cortney Lamar Charleston's "The Poets Are All Pretty Pleased with Themselves Tonight" from Split Lip Magazine

Leila Chatti's "After Reading DJ Khaled Will Not Perform Oral Sex On His Wife Despite Demanding That She Must, I Consider My Relationships" from Frontier Poetry

Camille T. Dungy's "When I die, I hope they talk about me" from The Rumpus

p.e. garcia's "a photograph of the moon" from Barrelhouse Magazine

Faylita Hicks's "Girl 1994: Gawd" from The Cincinnati Review

Justin Jannise's "An Extra Heart" from Split Lip Magazine

Grace Shuyi Liew's "The Use of Lyricism" from The Kenyon Review

Romeo Oriogun's "Exile" from The McNeese Review

Karisma Price's "A Woman Yells, 'Maxine!' 14 Times Outside My Brooklyn Window" from Cotton Xenomorph

Aldrin Valdez's "Sagad" from The Offing

Khaty Xiong's "Year of the Cardinal's Song (VII)" from COUNTERCLOCK Journal