Best of the Net 2019  

Year of the Cardinal's Song (VII)

Moving along the muted shore Osage oranges
      blistering in the waters

Above starlings staving in plays of elation
One thousand & one breaths shot in all directions
     including the ground

The Scioto River imitating always the main artery
sweeping within me a deliverable autumn
My shadow a tethering of apologies
     in the shape of koj daim di ncauj

Stone blue & ill weathering

From the belly of the waters
     the gathering of a single catfish pouting
with leaves in tow

Back above vultures parading in yards
     & yards of gray sky
          Your drowsy organs
               what's left of you
          immured in this river
A feed so clandestine the talons come out
     on time to love you & regularly

The means of this season heralded
by trees in ribbed precision

I am sorry brother
     Again I cannot tell if you're listening

- Khaty Xiong (from COUNTERCLOCK)