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Sunie Somers
Sunie Somers

Location: Villanova, PA
Date of Birth: March 25, 1980
Published in: Thema, Rosebud, Parnassus


That winter the appaloosa disappeared,
and though we walked his haunts
and searched the fields,
we could not find his tracks,
or guess his will.
But there were times
when staring from my warmth
of fire and shadows,
that I thought I saw
some horse shaped flash of freedom
cross the snow.
That spring, we found him
where the ground gave way
rendered helpless, frozen
where he stood,
a space too narrow to leap,
or raise a hoof.
His body poised as if he meant
to stand,
and wait until the ground
rose up again.
Then, I recalled the nights
I thought I saw
some frenzied flash of shadow
cross the snow,
and wondered if his spirit,
freed from flesh,
was roaming with abandon,
now at ease.