Stirring : A Literary Collection
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William C. Burns, Jr. Poet Lover
Sabrina Goldstein Victim
Marek Lugowski What Did the Mentally Ill Do on the Second Day Out
H. Maure Luke No Deaths, No Mysteries to Solve
Lyetta Mathews Hither and Yon -- Two Voices
Carol Ann McCormick Tributes and Such
Sue Scalf Harvest
Sunie Somers The Appaloosa
Eileen Hugo Invitation
David Arroyo Untitled
Lyetta Mathews Dandelion Man


Robert B. Cooke They Sleep, They Walk
If you haven't visited yet, you will. If you haven't done the duties yet, you will. Every human finds himself or herself in a graveyard once. Or twice. Or uncounted numbers of times.
Jon Ingold How to Build an Impossible Staircase
Me and Dr. Kryincov watch in silence as the postman walks down the left side of the staircase. Thatís where it bends sideways, like a roller-coaster track, and so he walks along the vertical face, sticking out like a long postal nail.


Ben Ohmart An Untitled One Act
Albany, GA. Far in the future. The town has been flooded. Only the tops of houses, trees, churches can be seen. Candy is sitting on one house roof, while Buffy scrapes, pants, climbs, gargles her way to the top of another house.

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