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Janet I. Buck

Location: Medford, OR
Published in: The Melic Review, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, 2River View, The Rose & Thorn, Pyrowords, etc.
Awards From: Orpheus Press, Kimera, Poetry Heaven, Gravity, Voyager Publishing, etc.
Book: Calamity's Quilt


Post-mortem will no doubt
reveal a heart I never knew.
Emotion’s drop leaf table stands,
waxed and buffed and always clean.
Stashed in closets of tight smiles.
Doors pressed shut
by Cognac on the patio.

A fourth-class gamut of regret.
Mollified magnets of discontent.
Dollar signs in narcissistic
flannel sheets. Elastic cliffs
of "maybe I can change our ways"
and break the trick of silent code.
A segue to Gethsemane.

June bug syllables survive
to dine on sad compendiums.
A poem becomes a rasorial benny
of chiding complaint.
When all I crave is the crook
of your arm hooked into mine.
A padlock with a hungry hole.