Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Amy M. Bartlett Letter on the Eve of My Wedding
Janet I. Buck Compendium
Robert B. Cooke White Flight
Jerry Dreesen Never Open a Suitcase in the Rain
Richard Fein Matriphagy
Kathleen Sullivan Isacson Vigil
Duane Locke Ashes
Laurence Overmire Learning How
Cristina Querrer Musings from an Airport Window
Preston Mark Stone Vespers


Sharon Peterson Mamma Nací Muy Tarde (Mother I Was Born Too Late)
Erin Elizabeth For Someone With Eyes Less Like Her Own
C.K. Scott The Penitent
Craig Johnson Syrian Rapsodiazul
The hump or apex was the beginning of the hottest hours and that time was hours gone now, and now the cold breaths of Hades took over and traversed the dunes, threatening to blow the awakening stars from the scaffolds of the sky behind them.
Michael Karpinski All the Underground Madmen
I awake to find they have put me in a room in the ground, six feet by six feet, in which I exist with a table and chair and walls charcoal gray.
Paul Toth Memories of Salvador
Christmas will be the first holiday we change, as it has been decided that it will be celebrated on the Fourth of July, when normally the island celebrates the birth of America, which has long been our benefactor and, it can even be said, our second savior, until now, at least.
Degas Trout Syndicated
I didn't expect it to work out like this when Thornton and I moved to Hollywood. We had dreams deeply instilled waiting to ferment. Thornton's the actor. I just came along for the ride.


John P. McWilliams Office Hours
I admit that I may have been distracted by them on occasion, in particular when you do not wear those damnable panty-hose. It's a mere diversion; haven't you ever allowed yourself to indulge your libido in a brief, momentary, wandering fantasy?
Erin Hitzelburg Wist

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