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Sharon Peterson
Sharon Peterson

Date of Birth: 02/01/55
Location: Lubbock, TX
Published in: Links, Paper Soul

Mamma Nací Muy Tarde
(Mother I Was Born Too Late)

Young manís words, taken out of time.
Even now I see their truth
in the clean lines of your face;
sable eyes, high proud cheeks,
nostrils flared to test the wind.

So easy to peel back time around you,
see you standing in some wild place
of piñon pine and scrub oak where skies
hold only clouds and feathered birds,
sleek steel and vapor trails undreamed.

Itís cold here once the sun has set.
You shelter under granite cliffs,
watch fire-borne sparks dance upward,
swirl and fade against the sky
framed by shadows cast upon the stone.