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Catherine Daly
Catherine Daly

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Teaches poetry workshops, online and in person, for UCLA Extension, and has her own software development company, called e.g.


Sand with the grain,
saw against it.

Buzz, bebop, or baroque,
the radio isn't off when it's off.
This dull thud is my head
against silence.

I am migraine among floating frames,
continuing into each next scene.
My margin is doodle, scrawl, screed,
illuminated manuscript, commentary,
not creed.

My mouth is masked,
my eyes, goggled,
and I drive past trees and rabbits scratched
with metal pens on metal. More road fills my ways.
As my periphery curves spectral lines rise.
The hard-edged world
with grids superimposed
and perspectives locked in place
slips sideways
like a knife.

My love is a crop circle hoax,
has trampled all my grain.
I won't crack open,
I will, and the rain
will fall