Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Robin Brownfield You Were On My Mind
Christina Conrad for Stoneking - Christmas Eve night - 1996
Catherine Daly Grain
Cynthia Glass The Fear
Jason Gurley Giving Her Up
Rodger L. Hilliard Past. Present. Future?
Ronald Hobbs The Pretty Homeless Boy
Nicole Sativa Kurlish [we: not about sex]
Karen McAdams Pond
Jennifer McCoy Love and Panting: A Pantoum
Joelle Lynn Renstrom Volunteer
Preston Mark Stone Faking Beethoven
Doug Dennison Passion Haiku
Judith Schiele Reflections of Balance
Sharon Shahan Out Of The Sea
Michael Griffith Salty Portrait Of An Abstract Poet
The beachcomber brushed the sand from off it. It was another eye stained with seaweed . . .
Graham Lauder Hunter
Inspired by some work regarding idiot computer users, in addition to discussions reguarding some interesting questions of morals that which society considers taboo and why.
John P. McWilliams Running From Jesus
I met Jesus in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the winter, although it wasn’t winter there, it was sunny and warm, but not too warm for a good day’s sleep. . .
P.R. van Pottelberg Eggplant Voodoo Doll Land
A fragment of a never-to-be-completed megawork "The Mechanical Poet." In many ways it is a nursery tale, a nocturnal, interior world turned inward upon itself.
Cheryl Townsend Music

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