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Cynthia Glass

Date of Birth: 08/04/69
Location: Des Plaines, Illinois
Published In: Liquid Glyph, Grey Matter Tapestry


It hits me like cancer.
Black, thick
this fear that bubbles up
from the lake
like a succession of seals,
a dark carousel
in perverse choreography.
Quick and slick - it fleets
into the shock
of slow, deliberate emergence,
like shallow morning
breath, I dare not exhale
as I am the voyeur
of this 5AM shadow.

To others passing,
you were an overturned boat.
Sometimes you were a
rotting tree stump, a strangled
corpse yet undiscovered,
morbid and shocking.
Always, always
a disaster;
a disease
awaiting its casting call
as the ever expected yet
ill-received guest.

I stand near the edge
of this half eaten film strip,
feet suspended,
threatened by moors.
I glide into the surface waves,
vertigo kicking,
and slowly submerge as
you rise like the gutter.

It seems I would rather tremble
violently than ride the hump
of your back,
or embrace the hog thickness
of your strange eel neck, so I sink
and my flesh fattens and drinks
from the reservoirs
of its own disastrous