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Jason Gurley

Published In: Progress, EWG Presents, Images Inscript, The ShallowEND, CDBin
Other: Editor of Deeply Shallow | A Literary Experience


she whispers
words blown into letters
by the wind over ferry railing
kisses my cheek
the wind freezes her imprint on
my skin

I remember this moment
over said ferry railing

water breaking white and gusty
rain like sideways cannonballs
streak through wind and burn
my skin

gulls dive and gulls ride the
waves until the waves are no more
a wall broken on the shoals
a child throws bread

memory: her hand
bread through the air
like this child
memory: her fingers
holding bread
gull comes down

everywhere I see her eyes
in the clouds, gray and boisterous
rolling overhead like ink spilled
in a fish bowl
in the gray water and in
the strings of oil spun by waves

ferry whistle: almost across

there is no moment but now
and uncapping I open her
to the wind
she is whipped through gales
ashes to ashes

and ferry docks
I get back into my Corrolla
drive over the ramp and back
to the city