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Sharon Redding

Date of Birth: 4/29/66
Location: Pasadena, MD
Published in: Tapestry, Up Against The Wall, Kyoti Vegas, Poetic Voices


At night our bed becomes another continent
of cancer, a sea of shallow breaths and white
bellied ships adrift in the wave of the sheet
and his body curved along side me. I am anchored

awake as his dreams pillow my head, his indelible
ocean of radiation swells, recoils at the rise and pause
of pulse. He shifts weight, turns to seek himself
in the pitch of darkness, fingers flailing deep in
the ravine of ribcage and with frail bone carves a
cradle along my waist and the soft side of hip.

I watch his breath sweep shadows across my face
as he prepares to catch death. My eyes are stirred
to break as waves do, a thousand tears in dry-dock
finally free and his teeth sink into a smile, one last
time asleep on my shoulder.