Kristin Isgett & Scot Siegel



they prayed and laughed
and were full of one another
in the calming wake
of evening's fire...
the june sky rocketed over
latent heat made his palms ache
her feet burned blue
the air, tinctured with sage...


arriving with a smile
and a kiss
and a hope
for further exploration...

dusk, the hills' ruddy silhouette
swept the lakebed bare
blushed the east buttes red
the moon's contours: the warm crevices...

in dawn's first beams
dancing in the darkness
he basked in her
warm privileges...
she gave no refrain
they staved the dawn
she made his blood roil
they shared desert confections


with the taste of the moon
filling his senses
complete and still...

she descended the tamarisk
burning like a hawk's eye
before a kill

just touching the note that sang
in the rising light...
how the day sounds!
she was birdsong in the willows
oh, how they would learn
how love must run aground!

Kristin Isgett lives and works in the Upstate of South Carolina. She studied journalism at The University of SC and was a staff writer/intern at The Greenville News in the 1990's. She currently writes music reviews and a music blog at Kristin also writes poetry, essays, and bits of observational humor. "Entering The Desert" is her first collaboration and first publication of a poem.

Scot Siegel lives in Oregon with his wife and two daughters. In his day job he works as an urban planning consultant. Siegelís poetry books include Some Weather (Plain View Press, 2008), Untitled Country (Pudding House Publications, 2009), and Skeleton Says (forthcoming from Finishing Line Press). Poetry Northwest and the Oregon State Library selected Siegelís Some Weather as one of Oregon's 150 Outstanding Oregon Poetry Books. A second full-length collection is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry in January 2012. Siegel serves on the board of trustees of the Friends of William Stafford and edits the online poetry journal Untitled Country Review.

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