Because Stirring is a non-profit organization and because we try to keep our site ad-free, we are poor. Quite poor. And because we are poor we feel that instead of working hard for our money we should panhandle like any good American.

If you are interested in making a donation to Stirring, we promise that it will only go toward internet space for Stirring & Sundress, feeding and clothing our editors, and working on a fund to pay contributors. We promise not to use anything for elaborate house parties, fine cheeses, or imported beer.

Feel free to send us anything. Books, articles, mix tapes, postcards, personal checks (please make them out to Erin Elizabeth Smith, not Stirring), you name it. (Though we do ask that you make it deadly-disease-free.)

Stirring : A Literary Collection
c/o Erin Elizabeth Smith
Department of English
301 McClung Tower
University of Tennessee
Knoxville TN 37996-0430

If you prefer to be electronic about it, feel free to use Paypal:

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