Meagan Cass & Co.

This month's fiction section was edited by Dr. Meagan Cass and her ENG 470 class (Short Fiction Writing/Linked Collections) at the University of Illinois-Springfield. Student editors include Kolbey Capps, Heather Eckert, Lacey Frye, Laura Johnson, Katherine Maseman, Tyler McHaley, John Tienken, Jesse Baker, Kayla Behrens, Kathleen Brinkmann, Ashley Cornett, Katy Duffield, David Hartshorne, Lori Kullberg, Scott Lasley, Elissa Lowe, Anthony Lozzi, Jeffrey Nevenner, Martha Pearson, Maria Perez-Barton, Kelly Roberts, Roberto Sabas, Christopher Schnupp, Kaily Simpson, Ellen Smith Blokus, Andrew Stoll, and Julie Van Laar

Meagan Cass is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Illinois-Springfield. She holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Louisiana Lafayette, where she was a founding editor of the online literary journal Rougarou. Meagan's stories have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Hayden's Ferry Review, The Pinch, Devil's Lake, Hobart Web, NO… Journal, Grist, Stymie, Aethlon, and others. Her current book project is a collection of short fiction themed around sports, games, and memory, set in the suburbs of New York City in the 1980s and 1990s.

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