Carolyn Martin

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Carolyn Martin is happily retired in Clackamas, OR where she gardens and writes. Her poems have appeared in publications such as Naugatuck River Review, Becoming: What Makes A Woman, Drash, ninepatch, and On the Issues. Her first collection, Finding Compass, was released by Queen of Wands Press, Portland, OR, July 2011. Currently, she is president of the board of directors of VoiceCatcher, a nonprofit community that connects women writers and artists in greater Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA.

Broadside Art by Mary Ellen Knight. Mary Ellen Knight is a talented tree-climber who dabbles in the arts. She enjoys petting cats, biting people she loves, and holding hands with anyone. Her pastimes include listening to people spread butter on really toasted bread, going to other people's weddings and drinking all of the beer, and listening to California Dreamin' on repeat during the winter. In her spare time, Mary Ellen is a student at the University of Tennessee. She is graduating this May with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education, as well as a degree in Painting and Drawing.

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