N.H. Graves

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N.H. Graves is an American. He drinks soda and knits and grows beards and tries not to giggle during sex. It's been said that he often finds himself drunk in hot tubs during the winter, but the proof is negligible and left to the reader. He's looking for a Mathematics degree in Lubbock, Texas and should find it pretty soon.

Broadside Art by Rhonda Lott. Rhonda Lott, an alumna of the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi, recently earned her doctorate in creative writing with an emphasis in poetry from Texas Tech University. She has worked with Sundress Publications since 2008 as both an editor and artist-in-residence with contributions of poetry broadsides and book covers. Her writing has appeared internationally and locally in a variety of venues, including Hayden's Ferry Review, cream city review, and The Los Angeles Review, as well as the Knoxville Film Festival 7-Day Shootout.

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