rosalynn cimino

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rosalynn cimino writes as a way to celebrate her life in this golden age on this beautiful planet.  As an avocational poet, she has three self-published collections: Inviting Calamity, Adriana's Passage, and Transit of Venus. She has taken every opportunity to inspire people to join in the poetic rabble, as it captures best the emotional/energetic geography of our times

Broadside Art by Mary Ellen Knight. Mary Ellen Knight is an oil painter who dabbles in watercolor and charcoal drawing, as well as mixed media and sculptural installations. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Masters of Science in Art Education. In the past, she has worked with art programs for underserved populations such as YWCArt and an interdisciplinary after-school program with Pond Gap Elementary. Her personal philosophy entails a holistic approach to visual art-making that should be cultivated over a lifetime. The arts are for everyone.

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