Stirring : A Literary Collection
Samsara Quarterly


Eirean Bradley the disgruntled women's chorus sings accompaniment on the beta male blues
Jhoanna Calma The Hand
Marcia Cohee Who Are You To Know
Alison Daniel real gorgeous
Devin Wayne Davis grammar has an a
Christina Gleason Handprint
Sharon Kourous Letter from the Antipodes
Radames Ortiz Father
Christine L. Reed Francine Ties Newspapers On The Pool Room Floor
Richard Stevenson When they miss the bird
Elaine Thomas Doe On Road Near Devil's Tower
Charon Wyatt Scratching A Sound From My Throat, Waiting For The Room To Clear


Linda Boroff Light Fingers
Current criminological theory views shoplifting either as a sexual aberration or - among youth especially - as an early indication of sociopathy, a prelude to riskier, more remunerative crime. But to Jeffrey Holsclaw, shoplifting was an end in itself. He was born to boost, and in him, the art of boosting reached its apex.
Chris Orlet The Grassfires of the Resistance
She was a hard one to understand, this old woman. Her English wasn't too good and had a strong, harsh, Italian submarine accent running underneath it. After five minutes of listening to her pidgin English and exchanging looks and shrugging, we figured out what she wanted us to do. She wanted us to burn her house down.
Stephen D. Rogers Hanging a Sign on the Closet Door
Since I hadn't even met a gay women, never mind had sex with one, I was left in a rather tenuous position where my family was concerned. How could I be certain that I was a lesbian when I had no homosexual experience, no proof that I would be more comfortable with women than the men already available to me?


Mary Rodriguez Disquiet


Tyurina Allen Tyurina Allen

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