Stirring : A Literary Collection
Samsara Quarterly


Melissa R. Benham For Gala-Salvador Dali
Alison Daniel My Dear
Stacy M. Floyd Midnight Without You
C.R. Garza The Ghost of My Right Arm
H L Johanson Heart on the Table
Christopher Neenan Throwing Stones in Cork
Shann Palmer The Nature of Belief
Anthony Seidman Conduit of Rain
Barry Spacks Addict of Losses
Kim Welliver Detritus


Marck L. Beggs The National Endowment for the Arts: A Parable
Long ago, by the light of a dim, smoking torch, a caveman stood scratching the likeness of a saber-toothed tiger into the wall of his dreary, moldy cave. This was a special caveman, whose images went beyond the stick-figures of his peers; this man, named Enkidu, rendered three-dimensional drawings that suggested the movements and strength of the big cat as well.
Jason Gurley What Albert Held
The room was the only thing that reminded him of what used to be: the paint on the walls peeling away in onion-skin slices, stiff and angry; the dated décor that pulled him back through the years to his favorite period; the slow ticking of the alarm clock on the night stand.
Norman Lock The Object of our Hatred
He had gone to Vienna to study the language of dreams, he said. And crossing the Ligurian Sea on his return to Africa, he had fallen in love with a woman whose parasol he now kept in his tent because he was devoted to the delicate curve of its handle, its pale-green skirt.


Mary Rodriguez Mothers


Mary Beth Magin Mary Beth Magin

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