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Erica Adams
Erica Adams

Date of Birth: 6/2/82
Location: Washington DC


you detach from me.
separate your fingers
from mine with accuracy. darts.
oh datura. poison girl, couldn't
manage a greenhouse. always
late, stealing bones. and the roses
did they grow for you? did
they sprout under
your fingertips like children?

when you touch my skin
i quake, tremble, and take deep
breaths in because the sensation
is almosttoomuchtohandle.
i've spent years waiting for you,
and i still wait, i do. jealous
of bus stops that get your company.
of dining halls that get your seat.

my bed is so empty. i fill
it with books and crumbs and
keys. i make valentines for
you which i cannot send.
i see things that i want to give
but i can't because you are
underwater, almost.
long hair. sealong. mermaid girl
who swims around me. dolphin
woman, sad song, sea song.

your tears were the ocean and
you bathed me in your starfish.
winking once at me. your cape
of skin, the sponge, your feet,
each toe, a fin. i was
going to bring you hot chocolate
while you bathed but you never
seemed to stay that long. maybe
because i'm a land girl. get queasy
on the waves, can't deal with

but you, you float and swim.