Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Erica Adams the sea in me
Tyurina Allen Being Young and Knowing a Little
Larry R. Brooks Two Year Old Child
Melissa Consiglio Cutting the Cord
Deborah P. Kolodji Earthquake Headache
nicoLe sativa kurlish [and they say women dont reach their sexual peak till thirty.]
Joseph Lisowski Canticle
Frank Matagrano Watching Grandma Die
Sharon Redding Dear Alaska:
Dan Sicoli terminal
Chris Sorrenti I Tell Myself
Alex Stolis Winter
Tasha Caught In The Snow
John Turner The Legend of the Pin Ball Lizard


Maryanne Hillis Del Gigante Casa La Matta
The neighbors wondered behind her back when it rained for a month. She bore the burden of broken axles and cars bogged in mud, the havoc it played with the fishing-cycle, the ruined feast-days, the rusted wheat.
Roman Payne Sister and Brother
'I know that these children could never want a life like I have had,' the man thought to himself, 'but maybe they would like to chance to grow up and have experiences of some kind or another.' After pondering this for many days, the old man decided to teach the children a lesson; and so he taught them envy.
Latham Shinder You and Me
The bandaged man says he doesn't need a clinic. What he needs -- "You people got something against doctors or something?" Handy says. "This lady can't heal you. You know that right?"
Degas Trout Apple Days
if i see someone or something approaching our shores, all i have to do is give the bells a ring, and the good people of this dnalsi come calling with their respective bats and whistles. and i don't have anything to do with the bats and whistles, though i was on the receiving end once.


Mieke Eerkens Touched -- A Monologue
They said it themselves: "Gabriel Frazier has fingers that have been touched by an angel. Gabriel Frazier has a divine gift."


nicoLe sativa kurlish Vanessa

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