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nicoLe sativa kurlish
nicoLe sativa kurlish

Date of Birth: 1/24/78
Location: Warrington, PA
Published In: Shadyvale Press 1998 Angel Ink Chapbook, Shadyvale Online Poetry Magazine: Spring, Summer, and Fall 1999 editions, Stirring V1:E3, V2:E2
Awards: Three time winner of The Great New Hope Poetry Slam, Finalist in the Shadyvale Press 1998 Angel Ink Competition, Finalist in the Washington Post e-slam for August 11-12, 1999
Other: Editor of supralurid: a miscellany of art and communication

[and they say women don't reach their sexual peak till thirty.]

there is never enough to satisfy.
your hunger pumps & pounds under
your skin like tremors aching at
the surface, breaking the fringes,
tearing through visceral periphery
with credence so fierce religions
formed around you. and this need
rises in exponential succession,
forced forward in algebraic leaps
and bounds, obliged to grow, sold
into slavery, by mathematical law,
natural law, physical law, human
desire: still jangling discordia
through the layers of chemical
reactions. and this hunger of
yours can not be suppressed or
denied, can not be quenched or
nullified by my carnal givings.
this hunger covers us like night,
but without the stars to pacify.