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Sharon Redding

Date of Birth: 4/29/66
Location: Vagabond, MD
Published in: Tapestry, Up Against The Wall, Kyoti Vegas, Poetic Voices, Stirring V1:E3

Dear Alaska:

Am I simply mooncalf arctic girl,
nothing more than singular creature held
up against the weight of your white mass?

Perhaps, but I am also the tundra
you place your mouth on, the blue
thread you use to stitch yourself
closer to a handsome Asian hip.

I could ripple through your dark
sky with my hair in ribbons, in bows.
My hands red tipped wings of an eagle
and my eyes wild forget-me-nots.

If only you'd notice my wilderness,
how my crescent brow predicts unusual
weather, yes then you'd know for certain
that I am your Northern Light.

Ever Yours,