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Christy Cottle

Date of Birth: 1/26/69
Location: North Carolina
Publications: Coraddi, Independence Boulevard, Stirring V2:E1


She says she thinks scars are beautiful;
she knows
small gratitudes
bring wince to bloom,
a carefully worded message
from the layer of menace and havoc
mumbling beneath the worlds.

She says she thinks scars are beautiful
and she’s right,
savoring the lucky wound,
embracing burden, pretty sigh,
enfolding broken moments
as cherished accidents,
for suffering may just know.

Abraded, degraded, reconciled,
new lines unfold like she imagines
she could
on the other side of a memory.
There she can hope the slow disaster
of any life
is not a bare result
but a trick of light,
wherein ruin is fruit, and chaos designed.