Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Christy Cottle Lucky Wound
Kathleen Sullivan Isacson Strip
Duane Locke The Day
Joseph Lisowski Aftermath of Accident
Frank Matagrano Asking Her Son for a Glass of Milk
Dorothy Doyle Mienko Lisa
Bruce W. Niedt How To Peel an Orange
Christopher Neenan Horsenden Hill Holmoak
Judith Pordon Wealth
Gabriel Siegel South Sea Ephemeral Hymn
Alex Stolis Gripping Aphrodite
Tai Vincere fraser river, december


Tom De Poto Bobo
Itís Saturday, an overcast April day. A little aftertaste of winter still lingers, and nothing could be sillier than being dressed as a clown about to deal with four year olds and potential in-laws who will examine him like a stock prospect.
Michael Gray Griffith Death in a Supermarket
'She just died. Just like that. Right in front of the tomatoes. They were on special; two dollars a kilo. She had a bag of them in her hand . . . Thatís a good price for tomatoes'
Michael Sposito You and Your Plane Crash
"Time flies eh buddy boy?" She said as he moved carefully around her to the door. "They call it unemployable. Unemployable! What did you tell me then? Didn't you say they just couldn't accept you or something stupid? Didn't you quote me a list of famous drunks?"


Peter Lobdell A Nightcap for Redcap
Very occasionally, perhaps, once every thousand thousand years she invites a mortal couple. But only if this mortal couple have just made love and still, even if ever so slightly, stink. A wiff of sex secures the invitation.


nicoLe sativa kurlish Devilish Kim

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