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Kathleen Sullivan Isacson

Date of Birth: 1969 Location: Chicago, IL
Published in: Stirring V1:E2, V2:E2, Pyrowords, AgD, Zuzu's Petals, Demi~Monde, Red Rock Review, Conspire, Recursive Angel, Writer's Choice, Snakeskin, Sapphire, Pif, Rio, etc


To perform a spell of expulsion
I would begin peeling an onion,
prettily placing each skin apart
like glaucoma-ed coronas
or abalone shards.
Then, sugaring the pot,
I would let loose tears,
96 or more,
into any jug or gourd
until it was just as full as not,
keep it in some dry hiding place
and in the evaporating time
I would place an onion layer, one
each on my eyes
then shuffle the rest,
read them like a deck
and play solitaire.