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Curt Meyer
Curt Meyer

Date of Birth: 5/28/71
Location: Mankato, MN
Published in: Nebraska Territory, Judas Goat, Worthless as Tits on a Boar by Cacthouse Publishing and a compilation of short fiction by Logan House Publishing called Here From There


We hit the House of Lee.
As usual, my friend eyes
the Korean girl
behind the counter.

Ol' girl is tight
he says
when we find a table
out of earshot.
Probably got a boyfriend
in the kitchen
who'll kung-fu
my ass.

I shrug,
the sweet and sour
over my crab rangoon.
Yeah, she's all right

He breaks open
his cookie while
we wait.
The paper inside reads

you will find happiness
with a new love

and the situation presents itself
without mercy
as she approaches
from across the room
with two steaming plates
of saucy
deep-fried bird and rice
the question
will there be anything else
parked on her tongue.