Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Ryan Able Last Meal
Tyurina Allen God is a Woman
Arlene Ang Scruples: Manila, 1996
Janet I. Buck Birthmarks
Jerry Dreesen First Performance
Joseph Lisowski Desire
Curt Meyer Peanut Butter Chicken
Gavin Ng More Glitter for the Gold Digger
Jennifer Poteet MH
Monte Rosen The Village and I
Julie Ruble and jamie wouldn't eat her dinner.


Jacob Alexander Bettany The Necessary Witch
Even the silence is chaotic; glass for a moment then marble, mordant, morbid - every fine distinction you can think of - then snow. The silence is between the bells which call every twelfth hour.
Maryanne Hillis Del Gigante Morning Raga
I listen to the cracked voices of night creatures and think of the cellist and how I used to hear him practicing broken scales in his room. The strange silences between the notes bothered me at first until I realized a string was missing. His fingers still must have touched the places where the notes used to be.
Joy Kaplan The New York Boyfriends
The world loses nothing if I am ruined. Is that what you mean to say to me? It is interesting some of the time to live. I feel alive. I know I have no protector and that I am a woods of his nocturnal hunting. I know that I mostly do not know what is in the woods - even if the woods is me.
John Palcewski The Train Will Never Come
It was raining heavily. Eve put on her glasses and leaned forward, peered over the steering wheel through the wetness, past the rapidly moving windshield wipers. Bright headlights, red taillights, the glowing neon of signs in stores, were a mottled abstraction. She hummed a melody, which James recognized as the major theme in the first movement of the Beethoven Violin Concerto.


Melissa Consiglio Stretch

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