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Gavin Ng

Date of Birth: 10/7/77
Location: Northamptonshire, England


isn't it strange, i can still smell
your odor on the coffee cup, that you
left. like the way you wear your clothes
on the floor, oh that mandible dress!
your fragrant marks each bed post
and knife and fork, and toilet roll,
each sugar daddy long legs strolling
an eveningless soirenade. like some
heart crackling, toe stocking,
neverstopping-(a)tensionless inertia.

why couldn't you have left your wallet;
something useful like cash, to pay
for your folded rice paper
and lavender dream catch. your heart is paved with gold;- my gold. i earn
my dying through selling glitter
from churchyard christmas trees.
angels go for 2 dollar fifty, a fiver
without knickers in daffodil negligé.

(in breach of pimpall papal trust, a satanist
wins me at 10/50 with pins for their
taboo voodoo joojoo dolls; 'I assure
you it's a virgin I can't possibly touch').

in hope that I find myself suspended
in your sting and webbed ankle length
slippers, I wait for the slinky pinky
ghost up the bannister stair case.
it never dawns, and I indulge, by
hanging ass naked from the ceiling,
fantasising I was your lunch.

once asleep, and in my taxed arrears,
you seek advantage to pounce my disbelief.
one silver bullet, to waste a lupus
haunched beast; but why a brass nail
file you put through my feet?